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Please submit your announcement or event for possible inclusion in The Irvine.

Announcements may be run twice at the discretion of The Irvine staff.

**** Submissions are due by noon each each workday. ****

You may review The Irvine Submission Guidelines at the link below.

Events will be run twice - one time in the Upcoming Events section and again on the date the event is occurring.

Note: If your event is a special series that is weeklong, monthlong or throughout the semester, it may run once with the list of event dates as an announcement. You must then submit individual events of the series to The Irvine as events.

*** REQUIRED FORMAT - April 17, 2016 3 p.m. ***

*** REQUIRED FORMAT - April 17, 2016 4 p.m. ***

The day you would like the announcement to run in The Irvine in the Upcoming Events section.

Please include all text exactly as it should appear in the Irvine.

Please include all text exactly as it should appear in the Irvine.

Events MUST include date, time, location, sponsoring organization and audience (faculty, staff, students or all campus) and contact information.

PDF, Word documents and Publisher files are not accepted for event descriptions. You must copy and paste your description into the field below.

All events must be reserved with the Campus Calendar before they can be promoted. Do not enter a false confirmation number or your event will be removed from inclusion in The Irvine.

Only submissions from email addresses will be published in The Irvine.

Uploading a Supporting Image/Photo
Supporting images/photos for your submission must be 72 dpi and JPG or PNG files only.

Uploading a Supporting Word or PDF Document
Supporting Word or PDF files are accepted. Please do not attach Publisher files.

Reminder: The description for events and announcements submission must be entered as text in the "Description of Event or Announcement" box above and not submitted as an image, Word or PDF file.

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