Please provide full name of person who is the contact for this event/shoot (on the day of the event/shoot)

Format: 555-444-3333

Please provide this so we may contact the event liaison on the day of the event/shoot. Format: 555-555-5555

Person requesting photography services

Please provide us with location of the photo shoot (building and room name or location on campus)

Use a.m. and p.m.

Please provide exact time your need photographer, e.g., 2-3 p.m. (use a.m. and p.m.)

Provide details about the event or person(s) to be photographed and what kind of photos are needed, e.g., head & shoulders, candid/action, group, other.

After the day of the shoot, when do you need the photos?

Please provide any additional details about the shoot that would be helpful to the photographer.

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