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Please use this form to submit and track requests for professional development (PD) including conferences, training, and courses. Talk to your manager, and review Policy 18 – Staff Employment ( for details.

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Please indicate if you are presenting, participating as an attendee, volunteering at the event, helping to organize the PD or other.

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Please provide a brief description of the PD opportunity.

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Indicate priority based on the following:
Low = Enrichment: may improve future job-related skills/competencies.
Medium = Development: will impact current and future role/project.
High = Essential: critical to role - directed by manager

Please briefly describe how you plan to share or implement learning from this PD opportunity? (i.e. changing a process, booking a meeting room to broadcast a webinar, presenting at a team meeting, lunch & learn, etc.)

How does this PD align with the University's strategic priorities or SSO values?

How will this PD align with your performance goals?

Enter numerical amount (i.e. 250). Please leave blank if there is no cost or unknown.

See UWaterloo Finance Expenses Guidelines - section 5

See UWaterloo Finance Expenses Guidelines - section 6

See UWaterloo Finance Expenses Guidelines 7.a -

(any other funding - internal or external i.e. Staff Experience fund)

Event description, invitation, or other relevant documents.

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