Application For Parish Opening

Thank you for your interest in the Diocese of Atlanta.

Before submitting your materials, all clergy should review the parish's OTM profile in the OTM system so that information is known concerning compensation, and other items before applying.

When submitting your application, answer the questionnaire below on a separate sheet of paper and upload it along with a cover letter, resume, and OTM portfolio. Please send all attachments as PDF's and make sure that all documents are correctly formatted before you submit them.

At the end of the application, you can check the box to receive a copy of your submission.

You may include name you prefer to be called in parenthesis ( ) with legal name.

1, What is your understanding of the mission and ministry in the urban/metropolitan, rural, suburban community? (Choose the one that applies to the position being considered.)

2. What leadership experience and particular gifts do you bring to this community and congregation?

3. What is your preferred liturgical style and practice? How would you go about effecting liturgical change in a parish?

4. What is your theology and practice of stewardship? How would you incorporate this in your parish? In your personal practice?

5. You are asked to be diligent in the reading and study of the Holy Scriptures. How do you struggle with texts that are difficult and texts that are easy for you?

6. What encourages you most about the Episcopal Church today?

7. What disturbs you most about the Episcopal Church today?

Please check your email for confirmation that your submission has been received by the Transitions Office. Thank you.

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