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***We are away from the office for events 03/24 - 03/27 and will respond to all new inquiries as soon as we return to our desks on Thursday, 03/28. We will be sporadically checking emails for urgent event requests only. ***

Your Full Name

What is your contact phone number for day-of the event?

What is the email to reach you in response to this inquiry?

What is your FULL contact address? (Street Address, City, State, Zip)

Business Reception, Holiday Celebration, Birthday, etc...

Provide the name of your event venue/ office/ or
*notate 'Private Residence' for events within a home

What is the FULL address of your event venue/ office/ residence?
(Street Address, City, State, Zip)

What time will your event begin?

Note, we will plan to arrive 1-hour prior to event start time for the setup start.

What time will your event end?

Note, we will plan to give Last Call 15-minutes prior to the event end time. We account for 30-minutes of teardown time that is not billed and is not part of the 4-hour event minimum.

Events with rentals/additional services must have load zone accessibility provided for service staff during setup and teardown.
We require that our service staff have access to one complimentary or hosted parking space, per bartender, at or within 1 block radius of event venue. Please detail the specific Parking & Load Zone information for the bartender to utilize for your venue/office/residence below:

all expected attendees, including children 5+yrs old

What beverages will be served at your event?

Review our alcohol service offerings on the website:

If you would like SBCo to provide the alcohol for your event, please notate the tier/charge style you would like.

Should you be providing the alcohol, or if you would like to have a themed bar, please review our available rental bar setups:
OR notate if your venue will be providing the bar setup:

When we provide the alcoholic beverages for your event we include the bar setup!

Would you like to schedule a meeting with our professional mixologist / sommelier to create your event's signature cocktails or discuss your beverage offerings and create a shopping list?
Fee: $75 consultation (1-hour) that occurs after contract is confirmed, about 1-month prior to event date

Gratuity will be Hosted if Tip Jar is not allowed, review the policy here:

Please review our available additional services & rentals:
Note, we do not offer glassware, just recyclable cups!

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