3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tape Project Initiation Form 1.1

Please fill out all required fields to initiate a project Application Review by 3M and PVD.

Note: Customer assumes responsibility for meeting all applicable building codes and requirements.

If other please specify below:


Is this project being fabricated in-house at the location listed above? If no, provide the location of application of VHB™ SGT.

If different than Customer

Note: Actual place of VHB™ SGT bonding

Note: Actual place of VHB™ SGT bonding

Note: Actual place of VHB™ SGT bonding

Note: Actual place of VHB™ SGT bonding

As described in Contract Documents

Upload Shop Drawings, and other pertinent documents such as specification sections, glazing and finish schedules

If files are larger than 29 MB, please upload from cloud based storage such as One Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc.

Glazed area

Number of floors

List the system type and model

Note: At the bonding area

Identify type and specification

Glass sloping outward requires minimum two sides of support or other forms of positive hold and approval

Note: VHB™ SGT develops high bond strength to most ceramic frit coatings. If Opacicoat is used, it requires masking off the bond area of the glass perimeter prior to application without contamination underneath it.

List type of panel i.e. ACM or Insulating and description of bonding surface finish

For the entire project: the longest short-edge dimension of infill panel per the aspect ratio e.g. 48" x 96" = 48" or 60" x 48" = 48"

Largest single piece of glass or panel with the greatest area

Note: Specific to system application. Not suitable for widths less than 5/8" without advanced 3M™ approval

Estimated lineal footage of the entire project for systems that use VHB™ SGT

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