Electronic Application Part II: Supplemental Files

Submit all files here that are required for your application or admission to the BSN in the College for Adults. You may submit through this form multiple times, be sure you are meeting the due dates listed in your application packet. BE SURE ALL FILES HAVE YOUR NAME IN THE FILE NAME.

The Nursing Program for which you are applying is in the College For Adults. You must already be enrolled in the College for Adults to apply. It is an evening/weekend program which is both online and on-campus, held on the Minneapolis Campus.

By clicking "yes" below, you are acknowledging you are already a student in the College for Adults and you agree that you are applying for this Nursing Program.

Please submit any supplemental files below for your admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the College for Adults Application. BE SURE ALL FILES HAVE YOUR NAME IN THE FILE NAME. Files may include:
-Video Essay
-Video Essay Written Transcript
-Community Service Documentation
-CNA Certification (due August 2nd, 2017)
-Unofficial Transcripts (if applicable)

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