Step 1: Basic Information


Type FAMILY NAME first, in CAPITAL LETTERS, followed by your given names (written in lower case) e.g.: YOUSAFZAI, Malala; or KARP, David

(format: MO/DY/YEAR)

How many timezones are you: East of GMT (+1 to +14) e.g Europe/Africa to Asia/S.Pacific - or West of GMT (-1 to -12) e.g. South & North America?

(Country code) Area Code - Mobile Phone Number

(Country code) Area Code - Home Phone Number

(Country code) Area Code - Work Phone Number

List and number in chronological order (earliest first) all schools beyond high school from which credits were earned. List for each school: School name, Location, Major concentration, Dates, and Degree/Units Completed.

List your native language first, then add other language(s) spoken fluently (list best first).

Regarding English proficiency, we assume you will have a level of English ability that is equivalent to an overall 91 TOEFL score or a total IELTS score of 7, in order to satisfactorily work with Ubiquity University’s English academic platform. If you are unsure of your ESL levels, we recommend you take the TOEFL iBT or the IELTS to test your ESL competency. However, we do not require that you take either the TOEFL or the IELTS to gain admittance to the university.

If you suspect your English skills are weaker, please let us know in the box below so we can assist you!

Thank you and welcome! Your signature will be requested later.

FOR THOSE SEEKING AN ACADEMIC DEGREE: Below are the required documents required for Step 2 (

(1) Your CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) or RESUME (updated to include all major work experience);

(2) Your TRANSCRIPTS (or lists of courses and grades) for prior education: Those applying for B.A. will need your High School course list and, if any, University course list; Those applying for postgraduate degrees will only need prior University course list. If you have or can get a copy of these course lists you may send them to us directly (see delivery instructions below). Note: To make this very easy for you, we do NOT require that your schools formally certify your transcript nor that they send these directly to us.

(3) In a SHORT ESSAY, please explain your reasons for wanting to attend Ubiquity University (maximum 500 words) and then upload this on the form for Step 2.

•  If you have any English language test scores you may upload them on the form for Step 2; and

FOR THOSE NOT SEEKING AN ACADEMIC DEGREE: No additional documents are required from non-degree students registering for Certificates or individual courses - you can simply register by going directly to If you are unsure if you wish to pursue a full degree, you may start by taking an individual course or Certificate. Again, no further documents are required to do this. Then later you can complete Step Two when you are ready to pursue a full degree.

DELIVERY: You will be sent a "STEP 2" form for you to use to upload each item above. You can submit the STEP 2 form as often as necessary. Using that form to upload scanned documents is the fastest and preferred method of delivery. However, they may also be emailed to or printed and mailed to: Ubiquity University Admissions (10400 West Overland Road, #320, Boise, ID 83709 USA). Again, we prefer electronic delivery directly from you.

PLEASE NOTE BELOW when you expect to have completed each item above (or explain anticipated delays).

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