Step 1: Basic Information


Type family name first in CAPITAL LETTERS, followed by your given names in lower case. e.g.: ROBINSON, Christopher; or KARP, Henry David

(format: MO/DY/YEAR)

How many timezones are you: East of GMT (+1 to +14) e.g Europe/Africa to Asia/S.Pacific - or West of GMT (-1 to -12) e.g. South & North America?

(Country code) Area Code - Mobile Phone Number

(Country code) Area Code - Home Phone Number

(Country code) Area Code - Work Phone Number

Starting with High School, please list and number in chronological order (earliest first) each institution you have attended. For each school please list: School name, Location, Dates Attended

List your native language first, then add other language(s) spoken fluently (list best first).

Regarding English proficiency, we assume you will have a level of English ability that is equivalent to an overall 91 TOEFL score or a total IELTS score of 7, in order to satisfactorily work with Ubiquity University’s English academic platform. If you are unsure of your ESL levels, we recommend you take the TOEFL iBT or the IELTS to test your ESL competency. However, we do not require that you take either the TOEFL or the IELTS to gain admittance to the university.

If you suspect your English skills are weaker, please let us know in the box below so we can assist you!

Do you have any health or mobility (e.g. walking, stairs) concerns or special needs we should be aware of?

Thank you and welcome! Your signature will be requested later.

Additional documents are required. With the exception of your official transcripts, you may submit your remaining documents directly to the Admissions Office at, to our physical address listed below, or by uploading them to the following link (

You may find a summary of the remaining documents below:

(1) In a SHORT ESSAY, tell us your story! What draws you to Ubiquity University? What are your personal and education goals? How can we help you achieve them? We want to know your hopes and dreams, and your vision for the future (maximum 500 words:)

(2) Your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS from prior education. Transcripts are considered official when Ubiquity receives them directly from the issuing institution:

For Certificate and Bachelors applicants, please submit your official transcripts for all previous institutions, including each high school or college you may have attended

For post-graduate applicants, please submit transcripts from your prior University only.

Please see additional important notes at the bottom of this summary for further considerations regarding transcript requirements.

(3) Your CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) or RÉSUMÉ, updated to include all major work experience;


(1) Transcripts may be sent directly to our admissions office at or to our physical address at:

Ubiquity University
Office of Admissions
10400 West Overland Rd #320
Boise, ID 83709

(2) Applicants submitting transcripts form outside of the United States need to their transcripts translated with an International Evaluation Service.

First-time freshman need only receive a "document-by-document" evaluation of their high school transcript.

Masters and BA-level transfer students will need a "course-by-course" evaluation of all transcripts starting with the high school-level.

When you submit your order receipt to Ubiquity, we will reimburse your evaluation fee to apply toward your first trimester's course fees.

You may find an evaluation service below. We recommend using Worldwide Education Services:

Find a service:


(3) If you have unofficial versions of your transcripts, you may submit them for a "Provisional Acceptance," which means you are granted admission to your program under the condition that you provide your official transcript no later than the end of your first trimester.

Ubiquity University reserves the right to revoke acceptance to the program upon the receipt of the official document.

(4) Applicants submitting documents issued outside of the United States will need to submit their official evaluation before Ubiquity can determine the amount of transfer credit to award.

Please let us know below if you have any questions at this point in the admissions process:

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