Application for BH/GLAAR 2018 Allocated NAR Director

Thank you for considering participating in the leadership of this organization. Your volunteerism is appreciated and welcome as we help shape the future of BH/GLAAR.

❗❗❗ April 24th @ 5:00pm - Candidate Applications Due ❗❗❗

1. NAR informs the Association each year of the number of NAR Directors allotted for the upcoming year.

2. Candidates for NAR Director positions submit applications to the BH/GLAAR Nominating Committee during the year prior to the vacancy.

3. BH/GLAAR Nominating Committee reviews each application and may interview candidates.

4. BH/GLAAR Board of Directors confirms candidates for NAR Director.

5. Additional NAR Director positions may be available through C.A.R.. NAR Director applicants from Association who were not picked for the NAR allotment can request that their names be submitted to C.A.R. for consideration.

As set forth in the Bylaws of NAR, the following criteria must be met in order to serve as an NAR Director representing the Association:

1. Must be a member in good standing of the Association.

2. Must be a C.A.R. Director during the same term of service as a NAR Director.

3. Must have previous REALTOR® Association experience (e.g., service on committees, task force, etc.)

4. Must be willing to attend all meetings of the C.A.R. Directors and NAR meetings on an unfunded or partially funded basis.

5. Candidates should demonstrate a history of involvement in local, state and national association activities, although previous involvement is not mandatory.

1. Service as a NAR Director is set by NAR for a one (1) year term.

2. The individual’s service during the term will be reviewed and the individual may be eligible for reappointment.

3. Two (2) NAR Directors serve two-year staggered terms and one (1) NAR Director serves a one-year term.

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(Meaning all dues paid in full with no outstanding arbitration, ethics, professional standards, or licensing judgements with a REALTOR® organization, or the California BRE)?

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