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Please use the following form to submit your ideas for Forest Partnerships, enabling conditions projects or demand-side projects.

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Briefly describe the land-use problem that you are seeking to solve and your proposed solution. Please explain the theory behind how this will result in lasting, sustainable change (your 'Theory of Change'). Include details of the location of the target area, any value streams or commodities targeted and the current level of maturity. (Max 200 words)

Please provide details on all project partners and their roles, as well as any other key stakeholders. (Max 150 words)

What is the size of the target area (in hectares) and, if known, the expected impact on greenhouse gas emissions? (Max 150 words)

What benefits do you expect to provide for community partners? Please include information on how your project will positively impact local communities (include any plans to improve gender equality or social inclusion if you have these already) (Max 150 words).

Explain why your idea has the potential to attract investment on a commercial basis. If possible, include an estimate of how much investment you expect to leverage. (Max 150 words)

Explain why the aims of your partnership or project cannot be achieved without support from Partnerships for Forests. (Max 150 words)

What specifically do you need technical assistance and/or grant funding for? Explain how this will help your partnership progress to the next stage of commercial maturity (please note that we do not provide multi-year funding from the outset). Please include a rough budget estimate. (Max 150 words)

If we decide that your idea is not currently a good fit with our programme, we may pass your details to other funders who may be interested. Are you happy for us to share your information with third parties? (Yes/No)

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