Request Technical Assistance and/or Short Consultation

In order to provide Technical Assistance, please complete this online form. By completing the form, it will aid in the expedited assignment of your organization’s Technical Assistance Request.

To request a short consultation to discuss either your project idea, or a particular aspect or portion of your ANA grant application, choose "Request Short Consultation." Be sure to attach any relevant documents needed for the consultation or review of your project/application.

To request a comprehensive review of your 75% draft ANA application, choose "Request Review of 75% draft application."

Due to Federal Policies, the Alaska Region T/TA Center is not able to discuss your application with anyone who is not identified on the form. If your organization is using a Consultant to work on your project proposal, in any way, and it is necessary for them to talk to Alaska Region T/TA Center Staff (or our consultants) they must be identified on the Technical Assistance Request Form.

Once the Technical Assistance Request Form is completed and your supporting documents and/or your 75% draft ANA application are uploaded (for Pre-Application technical assistance and review), the process can take up to five business days to screen the request and assign to our Technical Assistance Team (comprised of Staff and/or Consultants) - but we will aim to complete that in less time, depending on workload and availability of our consultants.

For Pre-Application Technical Assistance, we will complete an analytical review of your project proposal content against what is listed in criteria section of the Specific Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) you are applying to. The Reviewer will then draft a written narrative of suggestions for your proposed project. It is then submitted back to the Technical Assistance Manager for final review and Quality Control/Quality Assurance.

The Technical Assistance Manager will then email the document with the suggested corrections/modifications to the Contact identified on the Technical Assistance Request Form. The Alaska Region TTA Center Regional Director will follow up with an evaluation to be completed. The evaluation is for the service provided on your proposed project.

Using the Upload button, please attach your 75% draft ANA application, and/or any other project related documents. You can attach a maximum of 10 documents with this form at a time. If you need to submit more than 10 documents, you may submit this form a 2nd time with those additional documents and your Organization Name.

This form should be completed by the Organization's Authorized Representative. If the contact listed is a consultant to the organization, you are authorizing Three Star to share project and/or grant related information with that contact by submission of this form.

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