Webcam Survey

We want to know what you think and feel about what you see on our cameras! Please let us know how the webcams look today.

Each question outlines our goals for what we are expecting from handlers. Please read each question's criteria. It's important that handlers and managers get feedback as to whether they are doing what's expected of them, especially from our customer's perspective. Sometimes we get really busy, so we appreciate your help watching out!

NOTE: Your response (1) is anonymous and (2) goes directly to the front desk and the manager's email immediately when you submit. We will always do our best to take your thoughts into account!

Our handlers are expected to pay attention to the dogs and stay on camera as much as possible. Of course our cameras can't reach every angle, but in general, does it appear that the handlers are staying on camera and keeping the dogs moving? In addition to keeping the dogs safe, handlers are also responsible for keeping the dogs engaged as well. Petting, playing with, and talking to the dogs are signs of good pack engagement.

Dogtown strives to keep our playroom ratios reasonable, although in reality, we are a big daycare. Based on the size of the dogs, exact rations may vary slightly. Overall, we are striving for a good amount of space for the pack to run around without feeling crowded. Keep in mind that the dogs tend to congregate and stay close to their handler so crowding can occur in certain situations, such as when there is something going on in holding (off camera) and the dogs are interested. Does it appear that we doing a good job keeping the ratios in check today?

Handlers work on potty training, and the dogs go outside regularly, but when there is an accident, they should be cleaning up immediately. Do the handlers seem to be doing a good job keeping up with potty training & the cleanliness of their playroom today?

Is there any issue in any playroom that you want to point out today? Dogtown is a human run service business, so we can't be perfect every moment. Letting us know if you see something that feels "off" can help us tremendously in learning how you perceive our quality of work and service. Good or bad, we would like to know what you noticed. If possible, be specific as to which camera you are seeing an issue on. We will do our very best to improve with your anonymous feedback!

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