Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club Inc

New Membership Application

June Intake is closed, maximum number of members reached.

Please note a maximum of 20 new members on each intake. Please complete registration early and/or on Tuesday 29th June.

We need to sight the "adoption paperwork" to support where you rescued the dog, please bring the original papers to the front desk at the club

If you don't attached the certificate please bring it to the front desk

Immunisation certificate

(Such as bark and lunge at people, other dogs and/or moving objects)

I/We apply to become a member of Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club Inc (the Club). In the event of my/our admission as members I/we agree to be bound by the rules of the Club for the time being in force.

I/We agree and acknowledge attendance at all Club activities and training sessions is at my/our own risk and will not hold the Club or its members liable for any personal injury or damage to property that I/we may suffer during such time.

I/We agree dogs, big or small, can harm a person. Nevertheless, I/we wish to participate in activities organised by the Club.

Members, families or friends who attend any activity organised by the Club will not hold the Club officers or volunteers liable should they be harmed by a dog during Club organised activities.

I/We will accept responsibility for the behaviour of anybody who may accompany me/us during the activity of the Club.

I/We agree to keep my/our dog on a leash at all times unless agreed otherwise while in a supervised class.

I/We will not hold the Club, its officials, or volunteers to be liable if I/we are harmed in any way by a dog during any activity organised by the Club

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