Wise Woman Herbals

This Employer is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, age, national origin, religion,. sex or other protected status in accordance with applicable federal and state equal employment opportunity laws.

Are you prevented from lawfully becoming employed in this country?

List any other job-related special training, certifications, skills, experience, accomplishments or activities that should be considered. (Please exclude those that indicate age, race, religion, nation, or race.)

Before submitting this application, read the following statements carefully. Only those submissions with compete answers will be considered valid.

I certify that all answers and statements I have made on this application (and resume or other supplementary materials) are true and complete without omissions. I understand any false information will be grounds for refusal to hire or immediate discharge if I am employed. I authorize any of the persons or organizations named in this application to provide you with complete information and records regarding my employment, education, character and qualifications.

I will be responsible for familiarizing myself with all rules and regulations of the Employer as they presently exist or are later modified. I recognize that my employment can be terminated at the discretion of the Employer or at my option, without notice, at any time, except as specifically set forth in writing in a current individual employment agreement signed by the General Manager or Board Member.

I understand that no representative of the Employer has any authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specified period of time, or to assure me of any future position, benefits, or terms and conditions of employment, except as specifically stated in a current individual written agreement signed by the General Manager or Board Member.

Please attach a copy of your resume as a Word Document or PDF. You may upload several files, feel free to include a cover letter or any other support documents such as a reference list.

This application is valid for sixty (60) days from the date submitted. If I want to be considered for job openings more than 60 days from the date signed, I will submit a new application

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