AerisGuard applicators on-line exam

1, Watch the supplied Video presentation
2, Read Specified SOP's & MSDS's (Standard operating procedures. & Material Safety Data Sheets)
3. Complete the below exam form.

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What industry do you primarily work in?

Pre-clean & Treatment of walls, floor, surrounds

Bioactive Duct Cleaner & BAST

Should AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Cleaner be used whilst the HVAC or Refrigeration systems is operating?

What should the grade or rating of the filters in your face mask be?

What PPE (personal protective equipment) such as Gloves, Full or Half face mask, Safety goggles, full Body suit (Waterproof) & type one (1) heavy duty safety boots should be used when preparing and applying AerisGuard Bioactive coil cleaner?

What is the purpose of the coil cleaning setup?

List the equipment required to complete the cleaning setup.

What is the recommended application rate of the diluted, AerisGuard Bioactive coil cleaner?

Should the product be diluted before use?

What is the dilution rate of AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Cleaner and with what should it be diluted?

Why is the diluting water temperature important?

Why is it an advantage to first wash the coil down with hot water?

Is the product expiry date important?

How Should the product be stored?

What are the advantages of cleaning the coils with AerisGuard Bioactive coil cleaner rather than Acids or alkalis?

What is the main hazard associated with the use of an enzymatic cleaner?

What steps should be taken if the concentrated or diluted product is spilt onto cloths or skin?

What steps should be taken if the concentrated or diluted product is splashed into the eyes?

For what period of time should the cleaner be left on the coil before being washed off?

How do you know the coil clean is complete?

What should be done if the coil is not clean after following the standard procedure?

What should be done with the left over diluted product?

List the equipment required to complete the treatment step?

Does AerisGuard Bioactive treatment require dilution prior to use?

How should AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Treatment be stored?

What are the two main hazards associated with the use of AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Treatment?

What PPE is required to be used when applying AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Treatment?

Why is ventilation of the area important when applying AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Treatment?

How long should you let the coil dry between cleaning and treatment?

To what surface should/should the product not be applied to?

What is the best application method for the treatment product an why?

What are alternative methods of application?

What is the rate of application for the coil treatment?

How should your application equipment be cleaned?

How long after completion of the application of AerisGuard Bioactive Coil Treatment should the HVAC or refrigeration equipment be turned on?

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