ESSA Project Request Form

Request a technology based project requiring ESSA resources. Form allows you to upload an attachment to provide more information.

Project name. Overall outcome desired.

Manager who owns the business process, provides key decisions, approves project goals and requirements. (Sponsor)

Describe the current process that needs improvement.

Who is impacted by the current process and who stands to gain from an enhanced process. (Key Stakeholders)

Goals of project request. Indicators of project success. It is helpful if ranked by order of most important to least. (High level requirements)

Whys is this being done? Required? Compliance? Customer Service? Major inefficiency? (Business Case)

Requires funding? Cross functional resources or approvals needed? Events to consider? (ie Open House)

Identify any potential risk to the project. (i.e : Employee resistance, skill set scarcity, major events, etc)

Supplemental information. (ie Metrics/Measures, etc)

What is Communication Plan? (To Stakeholders)

Who will maintain project after implementation?

Any additional documents to consider and review to help clarify project request.

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