Exemption from Property Taxation

This application is to be used for property that has recently been obtained by an organization that already holds a property tax exemption on other properties owned in Boone County, Kentucky.

Number and Street

Number and Street

Enter the address information below for a property located in Boone County that is owned by your organization and is already receiving an exemption.

Choose from one of the five types shown below:

Include all owners of an interest in the property and describe their interest.

Please note you will need to provide a copy of the deed and a copy of the property record card (if available) as well as a picture of the property and buildings (interior and exterior) - you will be able to attach these items below)

If yes, please attach a describe in an attachment below

If yes, you will need to attach a copy of the authorization letter below)

(please note you will need to attach a copy of description of instruction)


Please note: you will need to attach a copy of description of how the organization utilizes the money)

(please note: you will need to attach a copy of explanation below)

(please note: you will need to attach a copy of explanation below)

(please note: you will need to attach a copy indicating the names, addresses and descriptions of properties)

(please note: you will need to attach a list of other organizations)

-Copy of the deed
-Copy of the property deed
-Pictures of the interior and exterior of the property and buildings
-description of previous exemption from Commonwealth of KY (if applicable)
-copy of authorization letter from previous exemption from Internal Revenue (if applicable)
-Statement detailing compensation, if any, to the following organization members:
5 highest paid professional service employees
5 highest paid employees
- List of the names and salaries of employees performing activities of the organization and their qualifications. Indicate which, if any, of these persons receive compensation for their activities.
-Description of course of instruction offered (if applicable)
- Description of how money from fees collected for attendance are utilized (if applicable)
- Resume of past activities in which the organization has participated in, present activities and future activities
- Description of Current use of the Property
- Description of specific classes of persons this organization will limit its benefits to (if applicable)
-Explanation for requirement of fees or charges recipients must pay to receive benefits, services or products (if applicable)
- Explanation of how income from produced from property is used (if applicable)
- Names, addresses and description of property of commercial establishment operated (if applicable)
- List of Kentucky Sales and Use tax Permit Account Numbers for each business that sells tangible personal property
- Descriptions and location of any real property and tangible property
-List of other organizations that financially support, operate or control this organization
- Description of fundraising program and explanation to what extent it has been put into effect
- List of all grants received during taxable years the organization has been in existence. (show name of contributor, date, amount of grant, and brief description of the nature of the grant)
- financial statements, including both balance sheets and income and expense statements for the two most recent accounting periods
- copies of articles of incorporation, bylaws and any amendments to the articles or bylaws as well as any other information you wish to provide to help the office of property valuation issue a ruling
- A list of acreage and improvements owned by the applicant for which an exemption is desired. Include the number of acres for land and a general description of all improvements
- If multiple parcels, give a complete description of how each is used (examples of uses to note include: religious worship services, minister occupied parsonage, held for future development, parking, fellowship hall, leased to another entity, etc.)
-Details of rental if parking garage or parking lot is rented out (if applicable)

For this property tax exemption application, I authorize the Department of Revenue (DOR) or its representative(s) to visit and inspect the property to be exempt now and in the future, to ensure the property is being used for tax-exempt purposes. I hereby certify that the statements and information contained herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am authorized to sign this application

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