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Engage Studentship Application Guide and Application Form

Launch date: June 18, 2018
Application Deadline: July 30, 2018

The current call for applications to the Engage Studentship Awards Program is for graduate students (Masters and PhD). Specifically, this program is intended for those interested in developing research/thesis projects focused on the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM), including gay/bi/queer trans men. Candidates from a variety of fields are invited to apply, including public health, epidemiology, health policy and services administration, psychology, anthropology, sociology, nursing, social work and related disciplines. The award is for one-year (Sept 1, 2018 - Aug 31, 2019) and is renewable for MSc and PhD students.

Engage is a national multi-site, cross-sectional study in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, that utilizes several innovative research methodologies (e.g., respondent driven sampling, sexual partner matrix analyses, and mixed-methods). The primary objectives of the study are to measure prevalent and recent infections of HIV and other STIs among the gbMSM populations of these major Canadian cities. This will allow researchers to assess variations across regions and conduct detailed analyses linking prevention efforts to health outcomes. These results will be used to inform promising HIV-STBBI prevention strategies for gbMSM. Engage is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN), the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR), Service de lutte contre les ITSS du Ministère de santé et des services sociaux and Ryerson University.

To attract academic trainees to join our Canada-wide interdisciplinary research team and to provide them opportunities to acquire skills and competencies to undertake prevention-related research in gbMSM communities.

• To develop, in conjunction with an Engage supervisor (if academic supervisor is not a member of the Engage research team), an individualized training plan including a specific research project. Information regarding current research priorities and potential projects for students is available.

• To contribute to study deployment (data collection, database management, preliminary analyses) and knowledge translation projects (e.g., conference presentations, manuscripts, and reports for decision makers, affected communities and other partners involved in HIV/STBBI prevention).

Successful candidates are required to acknowledge the assistance given by Engage and its funding sources in all communications resulting from their work with Engage.

There are 5 Engage Studentship Awards (1 of which will be a joint UWW/Engage Fellowship) in the 2018-2019 academic year.

We encourage members of the gbMSM community and gay-positive persons to apply for these training opportunities; however, all applicants will be considered.

Exceptional candidates that can demonstrate their interests and capacity for research will be considered.

Students and fellows must:

• Be registered or expect to be registered in a university program in Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto (Ryerson University students only) during the 2017-2018 academic year

• Reside in the Engage city related to their award, or be willing to move there for the duration of the award. This expectation is to facilitate meetings and collaboration with different working groups.

• Not already receiving any other major scholarships (e.g., CIHR, FRQS, REACH, OHTN)

Montreal: 1 Engage Studentship position
- One full-time Master’s thesis candidate
- Or, one full-time PhD candidate (in their first or second years)

Toronto: 3 Engage Studentship positions
- Three full-time Master’s thesis candidates
- Or, three full-time PhD candidates (in their first or second years)

Note: Applicants in Toronto must be students enrolled at Ryerson University for the 2018-2019 school year.

Vancouver: 1 Engage Studentship position
- One full-time Master's thesis candidate
- Or, one full-time PhD candidate (in their first or second years)

- Applies to any one of the five Engage studentships.

- Interested persons are invited to visit the following link for additional details and requirements of the UWW/Engage Fellowship:

- The candidate with the most appropriate profile will be offered the UWW/Engage Fellowship, based on their previous experience and their current research environment.

The value of an Engage Studentship Award for MSc or PhD students is CDN $17,850.

The value of an UWW/Engage Fellowship Award is CDN $20,000, based on additional requirements related to this Fellowship.

The award will be paid to the candidate’s sponsoring institution, which will in turn pay the candidate in accordance with its payroll procedures. Students are expected to respect the rules of their academic institution with respect to time dedicated to work on research projects during their course of study. Students may apply for a renewal of their award on an annual basis.

i. For candidates who currently have a supervisor at their university who is a member of the Engage investigator team:

Applicants are invited to name their supervisor in the electronic application form, along with their supervisor's contact information, and also provide a brief summary of their planned project with that supervisor.

ii. For candidates who currently have a supervisor at their university who is not a member of the Engage investigator team:

Applicants are invited to name their supervisor in the electronic application form, along with their supervisor's contact information, and also provide a brief summary of their pre-defined proposed project or project interests. This information will be used to arrange co-supervision by a member of the Engage investigator team.

iii. For candidates who have yet to identify a supervisor at their university:

Applicants are invited to elaborate on their research interests and motivations in the electronic application form. Successful candidates will subsequently be paired with Engage supervisors with similar research interests.

i. Application Form:
Candidates are invited to fill in the following electronic application form.

ii. Curriculum vitae, with all relevant employment, volunteer and academic experience.

iii. All undergraduate and graduate university transcripts: Unofficial transcripts are acceptable, and should include the university’s grading schemes.

iv. One letter of reference: Referres are invited to attest to the candidate's capacity for critical thinking, independence, perseverance, originality, organisation, communication and collaboration. Referees should submit their letters of reference electronically to the following address: marc@engagemen.ca

v. One additional referee who can be contacted as needed, with their contact information.

Indicate the sources of financial support (ex. scholarships, grants, other sources of funding) that you are receiving and/or will be receiving over the award period of September 1st, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

Include the name of each source of financial support you will receive, and the amount for each.

If you have a supervisor and/or project identified, please fill out the following section:

Please describe your skills, strengths and motivations that would make you a good candidate for this award:

Please describe your work, volunteer and lived experience with the gbMSM community, and in HIV/STI research.

Use this opportunity to elaborate on your familiarity with the following fields: medical sciences; research methodology (quantitative and/or qualitative); data analysis; publication writing; knowledge translation.

What are your training expectations and how do they fit into your career plans?

Use this space to highlight your acheivements while funded through the Engage Studentship Awards program.

Please provide the name and contact information of the person providing you a letter of reference:

Please provide the name and contact information of one additional reference we can contact:

Please upload BOTH your CV and your unofficial university transcript:

Please review your application and press Submit.

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