TIMBER FRAMERS GUILD - Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Project

Prince George, British Columbia (Canada)

TFG Members are invited to participate in a Community Building Project at the Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum. A range of training opportunities are available to attendees, in addition to the traditional exuberant camaraderie. Event organizers promise grueling work days, uncomfortable rustic living conditions, great food, and a thoroughly rewarding experience in fine TFG fashion. Especially prominent at this event will be advanced training sessions for fabrication and raising.

This large project will be broken into two distinct parts:
Fabrication Phase = May 22 - June 3 (40 people)
Raising Phase = July 17-28 (80 people)

TFG retains the right to limit the number of participants for logistical reasons, but every effort will be made to accommodate all those interested.

This is high-power, valuable training for you and your colleagues. We can write your boss a note if it helps to get you released for this event. You may smell worse when you return home, but you will definitely be a better timber framer.

NOTE - The project is NOT a sure thing yet as the Final Agreement with the Museum is now being specified, this is an advance signup opportunity to confirm member interest and get on your summer schedule. You will be kept apprised of project status.

Help us track our outreach communications, how did you hear about the project?

Home or work or leave blank.

This large project will be divided into 4 distinct work weeks - two weeks for Fabrication and two weeks for Raising. Folks are NOT expected to stay for multiple weeks, but we welcome your participation for as long as you'd like to share, learn, and build with us.
Training during fabrication will focus on advanced techniques and, may be a bit overwhelming for novice carpenters (although we always nurture basic timber framing skills training).
Project staff reserves the right to limit participation and/or select attendees to assure the work will be completed.

Similar to Fabrication Phase - you can sign up for one week, or both, or not. Planning for 80 slots each week so get your colleagues signed up to share the experience.
The raising phase will include a significant amount of parallel production in addition to raising.

Projects typically focus on the building / training tasks, and little attention is paid to family activities or dependent care. You will be responsible for family safety, meals, and care in addition to the expected attendance and contribution to training/work effort. Family is encouraged for evening social gatherings.

Work site is well removed from conventional lodging (5 kms) and the Museum will be opening its grounds for our camping. There will be adjoining space for vehicle/tailer camping.

What should our staff or First Aid know about you while on site.

Project success depends on your sweat, skill - and tool kit. Please identify what you can bring to site. We have several flying in that would appreciate loaner tools if you are willing to share them. Big tools are especially appreciated for Fabrication Phase (beam saws, heavy drills with stands, etc). There will be a lockup and sharpening station. Thanks in advance for sharing.

So we can tailor training sessions and line up appropriate Leads, please identify what you'd like to learn more about.

Unfortunately it is not practical for our community partner to accommodate all dietary requirements (or requests). Based upon past project experiences, we need you to plan for any special diet needs (check in with PM on site).

We'll have transport to/from the PG airport for attendees.

We'll discuss ride sharing more as we get closer to the project - PG is a "long way" for most of us and sharing will be a good thing if possible.

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