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The only person receiving and viewing this form is fine artist and CEO, Cathi Locati. Information you provide is never shared with anyone, ever. Upon submission of this form, a HIPPA protected file is created for you at corp and maintained throughout your Micropigmentation process. Thank you for your trust. Required fields must be filled in to create the best picture of you for your consultation with Cathi.

For ink matching purposes, please select from the dropdown, if other...please describe below.

Cathi will make every effort to reach you on one or the other dates and times you list below. If she is unavailable to schedule your first consultation at either of those times, she will call you during the best part of the day when you might be available...

What is the best part of the day to reach you in general?

who referred you?

which key words, phrases did you use? What path did you follow to find the website?

Please indicate if are you ready for Micropigmentation now within the next week or two. If you are not ready yet, please indicate a time in the future when you feel you will be ready.

did you have any adverse affects from it? Did you experience any issues with rashes or other problems? Please explain:

please provide the name and contact info of your primary care provider for a medical release:

If you would like Cathi to review your current situation for assessment, using the file attachment upload link below this question, attach a clear, sharp focus photo of your face, eyebrows.

You have created a client portrait for Cathi to best understand the picture of you during your consultation session over the phone. Cathi is looking forward to speaking with you about gorgeous full-color fine art solutions in permanent ink that will last forever. Cathi will call you asap once you have submitted this form.

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