DEVIATED THEATRE "Beyond" Questionnaire

Hello! Thank you for watching our show! This version of "Beyond" by creators Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chan is a work in progress to allow us to test out new elements and ideas. Our goal is to create a full-length theatrical production. Please let us know what you think!

What are your initial impressions and overall takeaway? What moments are sticking with you?

What happened? Do you remember any specific moments of story?

What did the ladder represent to you (if anything)?

This was our first ever production to use text. We used it in 3 places: (1) Adam/Eve Text by Don Kenneth Mason; (2) Projected Monologue by Enoch Chan; (3) Words by Carl Sagan over music from A Pale Blue Dot. Please let us know your reactions to the use of text.

This was our very first production to use projection. We used it in two ways: (1) projected scenery for the landscapes of dystopian earth, outer space, and Mars; and (2) projected monologue as an imagined letter home from Mars. Please let us know your reaction to the use of projection.

We explored the weightlessness of outer space through use of lyra (hoop) and high bungees. We also used low bungees to explore the reduced gravity on Mars. What is your reaction to the aerial portions?

Do you have any feedback on the use of contemporary dance in this production?

Do you have feedback on any other elements (i.e.: costume, music, etc.)?

What if anything would you like to see in a future version or more finished production of "Beyond"?

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