Report your NGEE-Tropics Pubs and Products!

Our progress is tracked through the reporting of NGEE-Tropics supported publications and products.

"Products" can include, but aren't limited to:

• Publications
• Presentations/Posters
• Awards/recognitions
• Conferences/sessions you organized/chaired
• Professional service
• News/media coverage
• Collaborations/Outreach

Note: Datasets and data products should be submitted to the NGEE-Tropics Data Archive:

Publications supported by NGEE-Tropics should be reported in this section.

Note: Datasets and data products should be submitted to the NGEE-Tropics Data Archive:

If "No", please work with the journal to add NGEE-Tropics' acknowledgement statement (see our acknowledgment policy here:

Use AGU citation style:

White, A.C., A. Rogers, M. Rees, C.P. Osborne (2016), How can we make plants grow faster? A source-sink perspective on growth rate, J. Exp. Bot, 67 (1), 31-45

Example -

You must submit TWO separate research highlights for each peer-reviewed NGEE-Tropics publication (download templates below):

(1) NGEE-Tropics highlight template (slide):
(2) BER highlight template (word):

BER TES has its own process for submitting highlights: (Note that DOE National Labs may need to follow their own internal processes.)

See here for CESD's internal highlights process:

(includes posters)


Englemann, R. J., R. W. Perkins, D. I. Hagan, and W. A. Haller (1986), Washout coefficients for selected gases and particulates, paper presented at 59th Annual Meeting, Air Pollut. Control Agency, San Francisco, Calif., 20–24 June.



Jenny Druhan won the Best Junior Scientist Presentation award at the EnvironMetal 2013 Meeting held 18-23 August in Ascona, Switzerland for her talk titled "Calcium isotope fractionation in groundwater."

Wainwright, H., Hubbard, S.S., Arora, B., (Chairs) B44B:Characterizing spatial and temporal variability of hydrological and biogeochemical processes across scales II, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 15-19, 2014.


DOE-backed study to track climate impacts on tropical forests over a decade. ClimateWire, 2 April 2015.


Identify any formal collaborations (domestic or international) developed (e.g., collaborative agreements, grants, etc.) or outreach activities engaged.


Collaboration: Kolby Jardine established an equipment loan agreement to allow LBNL laboratory and field equipment to be loaned to INPA that would satisfy NGEE Tropics field goals, December 2015.

Outreach: Jeff Chambers met with the US ambassador to Brazil to discuss NGEE Tropics research and collaborative opportunities, October 2015.

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