Special Activity Troop Application

Use this form for prior approval to troop travel, if activity involves: overnight, troop camping, high risk or special activities requiring council permission as listed in Safety Check Points. In some cases additional paperwork is needed.

When to submit this form:

4 weeks prior approval
- High-Risk/Sensitive Topics
- Day Trips outside council boundaries
- Overnights stays of 1-2 nights

6 weeks prior approval
- Extended Travel (3 or more nights)

1 year prior approval
- International Trips

This form can not be saved to complete at a later time. Please make sure to have all information ready to complete form and any additional attachment. You will be able to email a copy at the time to submit.

These training and certifications are needed for any troop overnight travel or special activity.

If you need to purchase any extra insurance, you can do so on this form. Payment can be made with troop credit card, Visa or Mastercard.

15 passanger vans are not approved for transportation

Adult responsible for contacting all parents and council in case of an emergency while the troop is traveling. This adult is not traveling with the troop.

By submitting this form, I will verify all vehicles and drivers are currently registered members and insured according to Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Nevada's policy as stated in Leadership Essentials training and Activity Safety Check Points. I will assure the number of passengers does not exceed the number of seat belts available. I have read all appropriate standards in Safety Check Points and the council policies and agree to adhere to them.

Please include a list of all attendees (adults, girls, and tag-a-longs) or attach troop roster.

Please fill in the troop travel itinerary or attach a copy of your itinerary.

Please attach a copy of the permission slip that will be provided to the parents.

This form is to be compelled and summited for approval. Please check for accuracy! Misinformation could result in Girl Scout Activity Insurance coverage not being valid for this trip and/or increased personal liability.

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