Inspection Booking 申請驗貨

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* 欄必須填寫

If this is for TV product, please choose one of the below:

In order to provide the best arrangement to your company, please pay attention and read carefully on below notes:

Inspection booking to be made 5 working days before inspection date.

Late Booking and Late Cancellation: -
- Any bookings within 48 hours prior to inspection, any changes or cancellations within 24 hours prior to inspection during working days.
*Fee USD100 will be applied

Goods Not Yet Ready (NYR): -
- If inspector arrives and production is not complete. Or less than 80% final packing and 100% goods ready.
*Fee USD100 + USD65 Travelling expense or cost of flight

Over-time Charge: -
- Inspection on Sunday or public holiday
*Fee USD150 per manday + USD65 Travelling expense or cost of flight

Re-inspection Charge: -
- Re-inspection will be charged to factories except 1st re-inspection on the first production lot of a new model or solution.
*Fee USD150 per manday + USD65 Travelling expense or cost of flight

Full Check Inspection Charge: -
To be agreed by Global Regency management prior to booking

Notes: -
- By booking an inspection, you are automatically accepting our terms & conditions.
- During the inspection process, some checks will cause damage to the products, such as appearance check of clamshell package, transportation drop check, thermal fuse cut out check, fabric weight check, etc. Thus, please prepare properly. If you have any queries, please kindly contact us.

The inspector does not have the authority / rights to release shipment


验货预约必须于验货前5 个工作天发出

- 在上班時間內任何验货预约少於48小时或验货时间更改或取消少於24小时通知。
* 收费美金100.00

- 货物不齐数是指验货员到达后发现生产仍没有完成 (少于80%包装及100%生产完成)。
* 收费美金100.00

- 加班费-验货安排在周日和法定假日
* 收费美金100.00 +美金65.00 (处罚) (车旅费或附加机票费等)

- 重验费除新产品或新方案第一次
* 收费美金100.00 +美金65.00 (处罚) (车旅费或附加机票费等)

- 全检
* 验货前由公司管理层同意

備註 : -
- 验货申请核准后表明你们已经同意我们的各项条款。
- 在检验过程中有些测试将会是破坏性的, 例如:对于吸塑包装的外观检查, 运输跌落测试, 温度保险丝的熔断测试,布料的克重测试等, 所以请帮忙做好准备, 如有疑问, 可以跟我司进行联系.


If your factory has below equipment to be used for inspection, please set up properly before inspection.
Note: The equipment used are depended different product type. Therefore, does not mean that your factory must have all the equipment in the below table
注: 因产品类型不同,需要使用的仪器设备不同,因此,并不意味着贵厂必须具备下表中的所有设备。

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