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We feed dogs in crates, and dogs who prefer a crate, may want or need to be in a crated in the group boarding room. Is your dog crate trained?

In case there is any illness in the city when you are signing up, we would like to know how much exposure your dog may have had.

In case there are nearby cities having illnesses going around, we need to verify where your dog has been. Please provide details below.

Please provide details of where your dog has been in the past month (cities, daycares, dog parks) as well as whether you dog has been sick at any point during that time. If sick, how and when was your dog treated and when was treatment and/or last sign of illness ended?

We are a kennel-free facility which means high stimulation and play. Dogs take naps and get breaks when necessary, but knowing any information about your dog ahead of time will help us understand your dog better. Please inform us of any behavioral or health issues (past or present) and/or provide a summary of any experiences with group play that your dog has had in the past.

Existing Customer? Multiple Ways? Etc.

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