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Select the campus of your research request.

Specify the delivery date by which the research report must be completed in order to meet any deadlines.

For standard requests, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

For your project, indicate the data type that most closely describes the output you are requesting.

If other, please specify the data type needed.

Please be specific. We will be generating a report or survey in conjunction with your request and would like you to give us a short title. This will help us locate any reports or data associated with this request in the future.

Identify the time period you want the report to cover. Do you want a snapshot of the latest semester/year or multiple semesters/years? Are you interested in trends, projections for the future, analysis of different scenarios? If so, specify the terms or years to include.

Describe your request. Describe the overall purpose of your study. Why are you interested in the data? What questions are you trying to answer? Also, specify each type of data you are requesting (e.g., student grade distribution for a course, student ethnicity demographics, GPA for the specific cohort of students, etc.).

*If you are requesting a survey, please see the link:

If your request is similar to work that was done previously, indicate for whom and the approximate date the work was done.

Select the purpose that most closely matches the reason for your request.

How do you plan to use this information to improve the college? Will it be used for accountability? Evaluation? Planning? To whom will it be distributed? Privacy restrictions dictate how the student data can be distributed and used - IR will contact you if privacy policies such as FERPA or Human Subjects research apply to your request.

Please select the ECC Strategic Initiative(s) related to this request.

You can find the description of ECC Strategic Initiatives here:

Please attach any relevant materials.

Priority of service is assigned based on: 1) the purpose of the requested research, 2) its relative urgency, 3) the resources required for completing it, and 4) the order in which requests are received.

After initial evaluation of the request, we will notify you of your priority level along with the estimated date of completion.

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