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The name of your organization as it will appear on a legal agreement.

If you're not sure, see the member lists here:

If you're not a member and would like to be, you can email us at Otherwise, once you submit this form, our membership team will send the Application Submitter listed below optional information about the opportunity and value of Internet2 membership!

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If you'd like to speed up the process of signing up, upload your TEC now, and we'll be ready to expedite your invoice after you sign the legal agreement.

This person will be the main contact for licenses and provisioning information with the service provider, alerts, etc. Lead Contacts will join our community mailing list of other campus leads for sharing best practices and keeping each other up to date.

We'll contact you with information on signing up and signing the legal materials asap!

The ECA Signatory is the contact that is authorized to sign the agreement on of the instiution.

This contact will receive a Web link the ECA to sign electronically, and can reassign to another person if necessary.

Please provide this contact IF DIFFERENT than the contact above.

Based on the TOTAL number Faculty, Staff, and Students

Enter One, Two, or Three Years

REMEMBER: A 2.5% discount appies for a 2-year subscription prepayment, and a 5% discount applies for a 3-year subscription.

The discount does not apply toward the One-Time Startup Fee.

The purchase of Internet NET+ Box comes with one Admin Console. EACH Admin Console after that requires payment of the One-Time Setup Fee of the organization's Tier.

Signing a BAA requires an ADDITIONAL ANNUAL CHARGE of 35% of the annual subscription rate.

Signing a Governance Agreement requires ADDITIONAL CHARGES based on Tier level and Internet2 membership.

Usually, the address of your Box implementation or IT/Tech Support website.

If you select 'Yes', please send the exact text to add to the agreement to:

If you select 'Yes', please send the exact text to add to the agreement to:

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