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The Office Information Technology (OIT) utilizes a Secured Managed File Transport (MFT) appliance to manage file transfers to Vendors, Colleges, business units and researchers of the University of Minnesota.

To facilitate the requests the following information needs to be gathered for each transfer. The University Entity (Business Analysts) and their file sharing partner each play a role in collecting this information. OIT can and will assist in the collection of this data if help is requested within a ServiceNow request.

This form will also inform the file sharing partner of all technical information they might need to update your firewall or whitelist the information.

This is the Business Name your Group uses to refer to the transfer. Please reduce name to less than 20 characters.

Nature of this file transfer request: If this is a change to an existing transfer, please submit a service now ticket by emailing Production services will then send you a link to the actual documentation for this file transfer so that you can change the appropriate fields . There is no need to fill out this form for a change.

Please select appropriate business unit.

Please enter Name, Phone, and Email

Please enter as many details as known. For unknown items, leave blank and a University Scheduler contact will schedule a technical session to determine the best way to resolve unknown details.

Please enter Name, Phone, and Email

Please enter Name, Phone, and Email

Please enter Name, Phone, and Email

Please enter Name, Phone, and Email

For issues with file transfer in Production :

For issues with setup of transfers please contact

Please be as specific as possible, include any capitalization or punctuation that may appear in the directory name (e.g. /my-files/weekly). This is the literal location name that the software will look for when sending/receiving files.

OIT encourages partners to utilize SFTP. OIT prefers to pickup files from your system. We prefer to use SSH keys to login instead of passwords.

The choices for a failure notification are listed below. Please select one. The default is Call Next Workday.

We are testing a process that will allow you to receive an email in the future indicating that the ftp process was successful. When that time comes, if you would like a email upon success, please enter the appropriate email address below.

How often does this file get transferred? No File Transfers will be performed during the maintenance window of 6AM to Noon on Sundays.

(e.g. - this file must get transferred every other Tuesday night before payroll processing jobs run on Wednesday morning at 8am)

Owners of data are responsible for specifying the appropriate level of security to be applied to each transfer. We encourage use of PGP encryption for all transmissions.

(MINIMUM 1 business week for setup/testing after requirements received. Possibly more required when implementation issues occur if new transfer)

(e.g. needed for go-live of major upgrade...)

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