New Employee Submission

For what company will this new employee work?

Please enter your full name here.

Enter the new employee's first name, as it appears on their Social Security card.

Enter the new employee's last name, as it appears on their Social Security card.

This date will be the one reported to the state when the New Hire report is filed.

Please enter only the amount, no dollar signs. For example, $10.25/hour should be entered as 10.25 here.

Choose the unit of pay corresponding to the amount you entered above. For example, $10.25/hour would mean Hour should be chosen here.

Use the two-letter postal abbreviation for the state, e.g. SC for South Carolina.

Please enter the new employee's email address here. This will be where notifications will be sent for pay stubs.

Please enter any additional information we might need to set up this new employee, such as vacation, benefits, garnishments, etc. and attach supporting documents.

Please upload any related documents here, including Social Security card, driver's license, passport, etc. that we might need to Everify your new employee.

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