Panel Presentation: One 20-Minute Paper

Conference organizers will form a 75-minute panel with Q&A.

For the text boxes, draft your answers in a document saved on your computer, then cut and paste the answers in the appropriate text boxes. This will prevent unexpected loss of data while using the online form. For the Full Proposal, prepare a document to be uploaded below.

What prior experience in the classroom and/or educational expertise do you bring to your proposed topic? (Maximum 50 words)

Should be suitable for publication in conference program with no other support material. This is the brief statement that will draw participants to your session, so make your abstract engaging and clear. (Maximum 100 words)

In your Full Proposal, please address the following:
1) Connect your over-all session to the Conference Theme: Teaching and Learning for a Civil Society
2) Describe your session. What will you (and co-facilitators) do? What will attendees do?
3) Why do you think your session is important to include in the 2017 iPed Conference program? What will attendees walk away with? How might the experience help them to improve their teaching in the coming year?

(Maximum 250 words. Only conference organizers will read the full proposal.)

Please choose the room arrangement that best suits your needs.

What else do we need to know that you couldn’t include in our form?

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