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Name - Email address - Phone number

Are you the manufacturer of the product, or do you act as the Manufacturer's Representative, Agent, or Broker?

Do you have multiple products, or a product line?

If you do have multiple products, flavors, sizes, colors, etc., please input information on your best-selling product on the remainder of this form, and upload the multiple product information in the "Upload here" section at end of this form

One line product description - No more than 10 words

Thorough product description - No more than 500 words

Describe how your product is unique, solves a problem, etc.

State why your product is better and list competitor's website

Have you explored competitive products in the last 30 days?

Manufacturer's suggested retail price

If not market ready, when will it be

List verifiable sales history

List all retailers that currently carry your product or have in the past

List any Intellectual Property associate with your product

List any licensing associated with your product

List any product certifications such as GMO, Certified Organic, U.L., FSC, etc.

Are you interested in discussing food service?

Provide any additional information you believe would be helpful for selling your product

Are you interested in discussing any/all of the following: Strategic Partnership, Licensing, Professional Management, Funding?

Upload high-resolution product images, preferably on white background, video link, applicable sales collateral, price lists, product catalog, etc.- Up to ten 30 MB files

We suggest keeping a copy of your responses for your own records

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