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Detroit is working actively to combat blight and hold owners responsible for maintaining their property. Part of this effort includes pursuing enforcement on graffiti and tagging.

The City recognizes that there is a wide range of styles of artwork that property owners invite on their structures, including some that may be in the "graffiti style." To better facilitate the enforcement process and in an attempt to avoid ticketing artwork that has been invited on private property, the City is asking that you register your artwork so it is not ticketed as graffiti and/or removed as part of the City’s blight eradication efforts. City inspectors will be consulting this registry.

Property with registered artwork is still subject to the City’s property maintenance code. If a piece of art is in poor condition (e.g. chipping or peeling paint, vandalized with non-sanctioned tags), it may still be subject to ticketing and abatement measures. Registering artwork also provides the City with your direct contact information.

If you receive a correction notice from the City to remove the painting from your property, and you wish to dispute the notice to correct, you must call (313) 628-2451 as quickly as possible so the painting is not removed and you can be assigned a hearing date to make your case.

Are you the property owner, manager, or tenant?

Where on your property is the art?

What is the painting of and how large is it?

You must upload an image of the artwork you are registering. If you have multiple pieces at the same address, you should provide a brief description and photograph of each.

This will allow us to refer artists to other property owners seeking to commission work.

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