NPMA Proctor Application

Only two types of individuals are qualified to be an NPMA proctor:

1. Persons with an active CPPM credential may be approved to proctor all levels of NPMA Property Certification.

a. CPPM proctors who allow their certification to lapse are no longer eligible to serve as a Proctor. To reinstate your CPPM credential, see requirements in the NPMA Certification Program Guide.

2. Other persons outside of the area of Property Management, such as, Human Resources, Training, etc., may be approved to proctor all levels of NPMA Property Certification.

a Non-credentialed Proctors will not be eligible to take any NPMA Certification level exams for a period of 10 years after having completed their role as an NPMA proctor.

b Non-credentialed Proctors may serve for one-time or may serve for an extended period of time, proctoring multiple-times for one specific group (i.e. company, corporation, branch of service, etc.) of candidates.

If CPPM is checked above, please provide your CPPM number here:

If you are applying to proctor exams for an individual or organization, please provide the name of that individual or organization.

Please provide two business references. Each will be contacted, so please inform each reference that you have listed them as such.

By typing my name below, I agree to accept the responsibilities as stated in the NPMA Proctor Manual. I understand these responsibilities are critical to the success, credibility and integrity of the National Property Management Association Certification Program.

as a Proctor for the National Property Management Association’s (NPMA) Certification Program, have read, understand and agree to the responsibilities in the Proctor Manual. I agree to act responsibly and ethically as outlined in the Proctor Manual. I will dedicate myself to upholding the security, credibility and integrity of the NPMA Certification Program by conducting these duties with a high standard of professionalism, honesty, fairness and competency. I will be accountable for all of my actions and accept this sensitive and important responsibility. I will follow the guidelines as stated in the Proctor Manual while fulfilling my duties as a NPMA Proctor. I understand any violations in my duties as a Proctor will lead to disciplinary review.

Please type full name below:

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