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You get a free 10-minute consult if you purchased "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer" or "So Easy to Love" on the website. If you did, type in the Transaction ID number below.

If you have any biopsy reports or other reports that will help me prepare, you can attach them here. Or fax to me at 914-206-4301.
If you would like to you can also upload a photo of your dog from your computer.

Do not submit this form unless you agree to these terms.
Laurie Kaplan will discuss treatment options, home care, diet and/or supplements for your dog's cancer. All topics may not be discussed, the consultation will focus on your questions and the topics that you want to discuss.

Laurie will provide you with explanations and information, and may tell you what choices she would make if this was her dog, but will never tell you what choices to make. All decisions are yours. Laurie is not a veterinarian, she is impartial and has nothing to gain or lose by any of your choices.

Laurie Kaplan is not in any way responsible for the results of your dog’s cancer treatment, medical treatment, holistic treatment, supplements or diet or for the quality of treatment given or any treatment side effects.

Laurie will be available to you for follow up consults at $15 per 10 minutes through the Follow-Up Application form at When Laurie emails you to set the day/time of your first consult, this form with your responses will be included for your reference.

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