Non-ME 490 Tech Elective Proposal

This study plan must be submitted to the Mechanical Engineering Department prior to enrolling in a non-ME 490 course to count towards tech elective credit. Please provide sufficient detail so that the Academic Standards Committee can evaluate the relevance as a ME technical elective and determine if the planned effort justifies the number of proposed credits. Please discuss any questions with your independent study supervisor or adviser. If you are looking for tech elective credit for AER E 494, please contact Matthew Nelson for the appropriate approval process.

If you are not sure who your adviser is, please check the "Current Student Info" menu on AccessPlus

(i.e. AER E 490, C E 490, etc.)

Please see your faculty supervisor for information on safety training.

Example: Interning as a Program Manager at John Deere has prepared me for this experiment by knowing how to organize and present data to a group. Also, Physics 221 lab has prepared me by teaching me how to conduct experiments using equipment and the application of formulas to get me to a conclusion.

Example: 1. I will learn how to conduct a literature review. 2. I will learn how to identify and choose relevant materials for creating superhydrophobic coatings. 3. I will learn how to develop an experimental matrix. 4. I will evaluate experimental data that will lead me to a conclusion. 5. I will learn how to effectively present my experiment using a PowerPoint presentation with tables, graphs, and images. 6. I will learn how to apply formulas and use equipment to find the water contact angle, average roughness, coating thickness, coefficient of friction, and etc.

Example: I will learn and read review articles about superhydrophobicity. Also work towards understanding what the underlying physics and chemistry that govern superhydrophobicity and the important material properties for this research. I will run an experiment of my own and try to find if there are any existing materials used to create these coatings. In my experiment I will be measuring the water contact angle, average roughness, coating thickness, coefficient of friction, and etc. Using the data from my experiment I will observe the measurements and come up with a conclusion.

Example: During my research period I will attended our teams weekly meeting every Friday morning. Aside from that, I will also send weekly emails that will clearly state my progress and goals for next week. I will meet with the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Assistant for a check-in and have all my data organized so he can see how my experiments are going. I will show my supervisors that I am succeeding in all my objectives by providing them with my weekly progress for all my experiments and also by giving a presentation of my data to the team at the end of the semester.

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