Questions for the CEO or hiring agent (30) questions

If person speaking to isn't, STOP. Can't GO FORWARD. If you are not, who is? I work directly with the person making the hiring decision.

If so, upload here

when would you like to start receiving resumes

last date applications accepted

What is the company's vision over the next 12 months?

How would you like the new hire to impact that vision?

May I understand the reason why you've had trouble placing this new hire?

what is the environment like? Relaxed, formal, open door policy, something else?

Asks if there's flexibility for the right candidate.

Do you want to see resumes, only interview? Would you interview on Skype?

Ex:Under direction, to perform a wide variety of responsible administrative, secretarial, clerical duties for the corporation.

Think about the type of person suitable for the role. Ex: will the person be working independently or in a team environment?

Hay-McBer Managerial Styles

Ex. Relaxed start time/end time, on-site fitness, good eats, 401k, profit sharing

Motivators drivers:
1. Peer-to-peer awards
2. Spot rewards
3. Bonus program
4. Wellness rewards

Describe the probationary period. Usually 90 + days.

Indicate what skills specific to the job are required, e.g. language fluency, typing skills, etc., certifications, years on the job, technical skills

What are the general characteristics which are required to do the job effectively, e.g., communication skills, writing skills, ability to delegate, motivation, cognitive skills, e.g. problem solving, etc.

How does it make it easier for the organization, and the CEO/Founder

One accomplishment that will tell you your new employee has done a good job in the first year?

Name three (3) challenges individuals have faced in this position?

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