Homestead Application


After you complete the information listed below, we will return a completed document to you via e-mail for an electronic signature. We utilize to process electronic signatures. ************YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION WITHIN 2 WORK DAYS REQUESTING A SIGNATURE.********** If you do not see a notification, you may wish to check your 'spam' folder in case the e-mail was flagged.

optional - *PLEASE NOTE: if there's a co-applicant you MUST provide 2 email addresses

please list the address(es) of any properties you have received the homestead exemption on (including properties you are currently still receiving it on)

Note: Amount of exemption: If ownership is fee simple, equitable title, jointly with survivorship or jointly in common, applicant receives full exemption or up to the assessed value of his interest in the property, whichever is less. If ownership is by stock ownership or membership, the amount of exemption is full exemption or the percentage that the applicant's ownership bears the total value of the property

If you do not have a driver's license, you may use a government issued photo ID. You can upload a copy here

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