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Thank you for your interest to become part of Camps Canada Team.

Select the day(s) and time range(s) that would suit you best for a 30 minute interview.
Shortly after submiting your day / time preferences, you will receive an email with a proposed day and time, to which you will need to reply in order to confirm the interview or request a different day / time slot.
We will do our best to accommodate to your requests, however, please keep in mind we can't guarantee availability during your selected periods.

All interview times are uniquely in EST - Eastern Standard Time (i.e. Toronto, Montreal)
Please ensure you know what is the time difference between your local time zone & EST time, and select your interview time preferences accordingly.

Ensure emails coming from are accepted into your inbox.

Interviews will be via skype, so please make sure to add: Camps Canada to your contact list.

After submitting your interview day/time preferences, you will be prompted to make a US$55 deposit via paypal (credit & debit cards accepted). Keep in mind this deposit is to ensure we only interview serious candidates.
This US$55 will be deducted from the total fee you will need to pay in case you get a Preliminary Placement Offer, upon a successful interview.

If for any reason, CampĀ“s Canada is unable to offer you a placement offer, this US$55 deposit will be refunded to you, via paypal.
If you decide to withdraw from the application process, the US$55 deposit will be forfeited.

In case you are currently abroad.

Select the days of the week you are available for a 30 minute chat via skype. (The more, the better)

Select the time ranges that work best for you.

In case we are unable to communicate via skype.

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