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How does your organization remain accountable to your mission? How do you engage in planning, demonstrate transparency, and uphold stakeholder responsibility?

Examples may include conducting regular strategic planning and monitoring, employing milestones to measure and manage staff and grantees, having policies in place to promote knowledge sharing as well as technology commercialization, and actively engaging with internal and external experts to gain objective guidance and monitor progress.

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Describe the collaborative activities your organization undertakes. Indicate examples of engaging in and nurturing relationships with a wide range of partners that can accelerate the overall funding and research cycle.

Examples may include arrangements with industry to support product development, policies and practices that facilitate data- and knowledge-sharing among researchers and with other stakeholders, funding team science and multidisciplinary projects, and funding or collaborating on international research initiatives.

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How does your research portfolio yield data and deliverables to achieve your mission? What outcomes has your financial support created?

Examples may include generation of new data, knowledge, and scientific deliverables that address the needs of the field, as well as a portfolio that ensures sufficient volume of therapeutic candidates moving into later-stage testing.

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In what ways do you fill critical resource gaps that limit scientific progress in your field?

Examples may include funding creation, maintenance, and expansion of infrastructure and resources such as animal models, biobanks, registries, or clinical trials networks; and funding training and career development programs to develop future generations of researchers in the field.

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Describe ways in which your organization works to make the research and development enterprise more patient-centered. How are the needs of patients, caregivers, and family members understood and reflected in your strategic approaches and programs? How are you working to integrate patient perspectives and priorities with the other stakeholders in the system?

Examples may include connecting patients to relevant clinical trials, educating policymakers about patient priorities and the science in your field, and actively including patients and/or caregivers in organizational governance.

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Is there anything else that you want us to know?

Please provide documentation indicating your organization has nonprofit status and is in good standing, along with a copy of your strategic plan, if available. * (To upload multiple attachments, please upload one attachment at a time).

Examples include IRS determination letter, 990 tax form, or annual report. (PDF or DOC format only)

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