ALPA Product Registration & Black List

Dear valued customer. Thank you for purchasing an ALPA product. We appreciate if you register your ALPA products here for further communication and optimization of our support to you or to the buyer of your used equipment.

You can use the same form to report stolen material. ALPA will publish stolen material on its website.

Privacy Policy:

Please define the status of the following product also in case when stolen.

Please use the remarks field if your product is not listed here.

Camera bodies, film bakcs and lenses plus since 2014 various other ALPA products have a numerical or alphanumerical serial no or unique identifier.

Please enter when you have purchased this product.

Please enter when you have sold this product or the date of the burglary when stolen.

Please let us know where/via which channel you have bought this product.

Please let us know where/via which channel you have sold this product or where the item was stolen.

Product images et al. Here you can upload one or more images or documents of the item in question if needed. A clearly visible serial no would be of help if you are not sure if the product is genuine.

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