This is how your business name will apprear in your Sponsor Message unless we are able to tag your business' Facebook page. In that case, the Sponsor Name will be the name on your Facebook page.

Recommended 25-35 words of text. People skip long, wordy posts. Please be as concise and engaging as possible.

NOTE: If possible, do not reuse the same link within a 2 week time period, as FB also decreases the number of times a post with a repeated link will be shown.

If desired.

If desired.

Facebook has a rule that images with 20% text or more cannot be posted on Facebook. While Facebook doesn't enforce this for the average person, a business trying to boost a post containing an image with 20%+ text will be denied.

For this reason, we ask that you submit images with minimal amount of text. Images with people in them are great. Use high-quality photos that are brightly lit. Do not submit images that are poor quality or are unrelated to your post topic. Images that do not meet these criteria will not be posted.

Only one image per Facebook post.

For Internal Purposes Only.

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