MURDOCK Proposal Concept Form

For use by prospective collaborators who would like access to the MURDOCK Study cohort, samples and associated data to design a research study.

The MURDOCK Study welcomes opportunities for collaboration with academia, industry, and other partners. As a first step, interested collaborators should complete this form. The Duke-MURDOCK team supports development of a proposed study's design and budget, as well as identification of potential funding sources. The MURDOCK Study Leadership team reviews submissions on a rolling basis. Please allow at least four weeks for feedback.

Following submission, investigators are welcome to present their concept to MURDOCK Leadership. Thank you for your interest in the MURDOCK Study!

Sections designated with an asterisk (*) are required for submission.

Submit Last Name, First Name plus credentials.

*4,000 character maximum. Please continue into the next text box if exceeding this limit.

*4,000 character maximum. Please continue into the next text box if exceeding this limit.

The MURDOCK Study Biorepository contains thousands of banked biospecimens readily accessible for research opportunities and collaborations.

Currently banked samples are stored as plasma (0.5 mL), serum (0.5mL), whole blood (3.0 mL), PAXGene RNA (2.5 mL), buffy coat, and urine (10.0 mL). Please specify which of these sample types you require.

If other sample volumes or sample types are being requested, please enumerate here so that fees associated with sub-aliquoting and accessioning can be properly provided.

The MURDOCK Study infrastructure can also support prospective sample collection as part of a study design. If prospectively collected biospecimen samples are required for this proposed study, mark below which sample types will be required.

Please describe any particular recruitment strategy that should be undertaken or considered for identifying potential study volunteers.

The MURDOCK Study Registry and Biorepository provides a wide spectrum of data.

Resources that may be helpful for this section include:

Participant Enrollment Questionnaire and Annual Follow-up Form:

MURDOCK Study Data Dictionary:

Please enumerate data elements or domains of interest from the MURDOCK Study Registry.

Use the following outline to generate the required Methods section of this application.

*4,000 character maximum. Please continue into the next text box if exceeding this limit.

Include power calculations, if applicable.

Discuss a plan for how data will be retrieved, captured, and stored.

Please enumerate the proposed study's timeline from start up to closeout including the duration of available funding or anticipated duration, if funded.

Briefly describe plans for dissemination of results (e.g. conferences, manuscripts, opportunities for other partnerships).

Please upload your proposed budget here. Materials included as an Appendix should also be uploaded here as a PDF file (if other attachments are included with this application).

Include what sources of funding will be targeted for this project and applicable submission dates.

Include new data collection instruments and/or other supporting materials should be uploaded under the Budget section.

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