Design and Construction Project Initiation Form

This form is for your use and convenience to initiate a project request. Design and Construction will use the information provided to contact you and establish the specific needs of your project so we can assist you in completing it.

Elements of the form that contain a red asterisks are required fields. The form will not submit if these are not filled in.

The CAS Dean's Office requires that all projects are pre-authorized, prior to the submission of a Project Initiation Form. If you have questions please contact Cathy Soutar, Director of Planning and Facilities, CAS Deans Office. Email Phone: 541-346-5567

Please provide information below that is necessary for us to establish general contact information associated with your project.

Please enter the name of the Department that is sponsoring this project.

Please enter the name of the primary point of contact for the project.

Please enter a corresponding e-mail address for the primary contract.

Please enter a corresponding phone number for the primary contact

Please enter the corresponding e-mail address for the secondary point of contact.

Please enter the corresponding phone number for the secondary point of contact.

The section below captures general project information that we need to know in order to help initiate your project.

Please enter the name of the building in which your project will occur. If it is an exterior project try to identify it as best you can.

Please enter the room numbers for the spaces that your project could include.

Please identify the general project type that best corresponds with the project you are wishing to initiate. This will help us quickly route the project to the correct CPDC staff. The 5 Project Types identified below are defined on the CPDC website on the Project Initiation page under the "Forms" tab.

Please provide a brief description of the scope of your project.

Please provide what you anticipate your budget to be for this project.

Depending upon the size of your project, it may be able to occur during a break in the academic schedule, or it may need to take place during an academic term(s). From the two options below, please choose what your optimal schedule would be to start the implementation (construction) of your project.

If you would like to try to target the construction of your project to occur over a break in the academic schedule, please indicate that here from the pull down below. (For projects being scheduled for the Summer Break (June-September) please submit as Summer Term in "Targeted Term for Start of Construction" pull down.)

If your term is larger in scope and you do not believe it can be completed during a break period, please select from the pull down below your optimal school term timing for the Implementation (start of construction) for your project.

Please Indicate the Year that is associated with the Term or Break Period that you would like to target for Implementation (construction).

If you have a critical date by which you need construction to be complete so you can occupy your space, please indicate it on the calendar input below.

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