AppSheet potential usage Questionnaire to assist us in designing your own solution.

Name of person answering questionnaire

Where does the data to be used (displayed and/or modified) reside or where would you like us to place it? List any or all of them?

Excel sheet in Box
Google Sheets
SQL Database

Without worrying about HOW it will be implemented, can you describe in words, what you would like to achieve by linking spreadsheets with a mobile friendly interface and what would be the benefit to users?

First I want the user to select a customer from a database then select stock items from another database, add volume to quote on. OR
I need my remote workers to complete a time sheet based on the work they have completed and when.
OR I'd like my prospective clients to tell me what they are interested in / buying or attending an event or completing a survey on any device.

How will the data be used once collected?

Tracking of quotations or Sales orders
Sharing information or task lists to employees smart phones
Recording survey results etc

What 's the purpose of capturing data on a digital device?

Ease of access and visibility to essential data when out on site, on the road or sat at a desk.
OR, these workers only have access to Smartphones not laptops for editing data.

Do you want users to... only see their own information and not everyone else's information?

Will the users always be connected to the Internet while using the app? Or would they need SYNC for when they complete entries off line for later updates?

Who will be using the application?

General public
Employees only
Specific employees only

Ie 5 10 50 100+ or 1000's

Do you have a key date for release or an event this must be ready for?

Please tell us how you would like us to contact you and when?
Email address + Direct phone number/ mobile.

If you have any prototyping docs or workflow diagrams, you can upload them here

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