Retirement Application

A rostered leader who has attained the age of 60 or who has served for 30 or more years on the roster of this church or one of its predecessor bodies may be granted retired status by this church. The process begins with an application to the synodical bishop, who shall make a determination that the rostered leader is eligible and make a recommendation to the Synod Council about whether that status should be granted or denied.

Please note that retired status is an ecclesial determination granted by the Synod Council in keeping with its constitutional authority. Such a determination is not necessarily dependent upon the rostered person receiving retirement benefits.

Concerning retired pastors: A retired pastor should not remain a member of the congregation served at the time of retirement. Transferring one’s membership to another congregation allows the successor pastor to assume pastoral leadership more readily. It also provides an opportunity for the retired pastor to enter fully into the life of a different congregation with clarity about the pastor’s retired role. The service of retired pastors is governed by the Constitution for Synods (†S14.14.], which describes the role of ordained ministers in congregations in which they do not serve: “Ordained ministers shall respect the integrity of the ministry of congregations which they do not serve and shall not exercise ministerial functions
therein unless invited to do so by the pastor, or if there is no duly called pastor, then by the interim pastor in consultation with the Congregation Council.”

(from the Manual of Policies and Procedure for Management of the Roster, pp. 34-35)

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