Zucker Grant Program Application

The Industry Application Society is soliciting interested parties to submit proposals to the Myron Zucker Student Faculty Grant Program. Adhering to Mr. Zucker's goal, the principal objectives of the Student-Faculty Grant Program are:

to interest students and faculty in industry applications of electrical engineering;

to involve students and faculty in engineering problems related to the Scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society;

to provide financial assistance to students for their education; and

to provide seed money to allow faculty members to commence or expand teaching, research, or academic concentrations in industry applications of electrical engineering.

In general, the Program functions much like a research support agency. It is administered by the IEEE Industry Applications Society through its Zucker Grant Committee with the consent of the IEEE Foundation.

The project must be designed to produce publishable results in one year (12 months). The preferred period of performance (for these 12 months) is September 1st through August 31st of the following year. The funding is such that approximately two grants, not exceeding $25,000 each, can be awarded during each annual proposal cycle. This endowment is the programs only funding source; no other sources, including IEEE membership dues, are used.

Undergraduate and post graduate university engineering programs students often complete a technical project to display the culmination of their years of study. Oftentimes these projects require financial support in order to purchase equipment and materials to construct the project. The IAS recognizes the financial burden this places on young professionals and looks forward to alleviating some of this pressure.

Please complete the following form to apply for the Zucker Grant Program

Section 1- Cover Page. The first page must adhere to the standard format for the Cover Page included in Appendix A. The submitter should be the research principal investigator, and the proposal should be limited to one principal investigator. Only one copy must be signed by the submitting faculty member and the appropriate officials authorized to commit the submitting institution in business and financial affairs. A proposal is incomplete if endorsement signatures are omitted.

Section 2 -Table of Contents. The Table of Contents should show the location of each section of the proposal as well as major subdivisions of the project description.

Section 3 -Project Summary. The Project Summary should include a summary of the problem to be investigated, its significance, the research objectives, methods to be employed, and the proposed student involvement. The description should be informative to other engineers and, insofar as possible, understandable by literate nontechnical readers. This summary must be limited to one single-spaced page, and be of a style suitable for direct insertion into a technical journal.

Section 4 -Project Description. The main body of the proposal should be a detailed description of the
proposed research in sufficient detail to allow evaluation of its technical merit. This section should be subdivided into the following five areas, and the total length must not exceed nine (9) single-spaced pages.
a) Research Objectives and Significance. The research problem and objectives should be clearly stated, and an explanation should be given about the benefits that should be gained by successful completion of the work.
b) Current State of Knowledge. Present a concise description of the current status of work in the proposed research area, emphasizing how current and past efforts are incomplete or inadequate relative to the research proposed. References
should be critical and highly selective rather than exhaustive.
c) Research Plan. Describe the plan of research in detail, including a description of methods and procedures to be used. If possible, the effort should be divided into several tasks that can be used to measure research progress readily.
d) Student Involvement. Describe how graduate and/or undergraduate student(s) will be involved in significant activities of the research.
e) References. Include all references that are pertinent to the Project Description.

Section 5 -Evaluation Consultants. List on a separate page at least two recognized authorities in the research area, who can be contacted by the Zucker Grant Committee to serve as consultants for proposal review. Describe briefly the qualifications of each consultant, and give the full mailing address and telephone number for each. These individuals should not be directly affiliated with the submitting institution.

Section 6 -Qualifications of the Principal Investigator. Provide on a separate page, a biographical sketch of the principal investigator, including the faculty rank, education, employment record, and relevant professional publications and accomplishments. This biography must not exceed one page in length.

Section 7 -Proposed Budget. Total costs of the proposed research must be limited to not more than $25,000 for a duration of 12 months. The period of performance should be from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. A detailed budget must be presented showing the proposed expenditures of project funding. Travel costs to attend the IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting for presentation of the research paper should be included. Other typical budget categories include (but are not limited to) the principal investigator's salary, student stipends and tuition, fringe benefits, equipment, expendable supplies, computer time, and indirect costs. Indirect costs cannot exceed 10 percent of total direct costs.A brief justification of each item should be included.

Please fill out the sections below to describe your project and how it applies to the Industry Applications Society

Please limit text to 100 words

Please describe in 100 words or less what the grant money will be used for

Please enter the names, IEEE member number and email addresses for each of the team's members. (If you team has more than three members, please type this information into a word processing document and upload the file, using the file upload option at the end of this form.

Please upload a copy of your proposal here

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