YEC's First Nation Business Directory

THANK-YOU for your interest in registering with YEC's First Nation Business Directory.

YEC will use this list to proactively offer contracting opportunities in your Traditional Territory to you.

This is a work-in-progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact
Michael Brandt at 334-3760 or

Is an enterprise that is:
1. a sole proprietorship, limited company, cooperative, partnership, or not-for-profit organization in which Aboriginal persons have majority ownership and control meaning at least 51 percent, and
in which, in the case of a business enterprise with six or more fulltime employees, at least 33 percent of the fulltime employees are Aboriginal persons,
2. a joint venture or consortium in which an Aboriginal business or Aboriginal businesses as defined in (a) have at least 51 percent ownership and control, and
which certifies in bid documentation that it meets the above eligibility criteria, agrees to comply with required Aboriginal content in the performance of the contract, and agrees to furnish required proof and comply with eligibility auditing provisions.

(Per Government of Canada Aboriginal Business Procurement Policy and Incentives - Contracting Policy Notice 1996-2)

Please prioritize your keywords to correspond to your core business activities.

We want the First Nation Business Directory to a simple but powerful tool to reach you with procurement opportunities.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

T h a n k s

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