GSNorCal Apprentice CIT/WIT Application 2019

The Apprentice Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and Wrangler-in-Training (WIT) programs offer high school girls an opportunity to learn leadership and outdoor skills needed to work with girls in a camp setting. During the Apprentice CIT/WIT program, they will shadow camp staff members in areas of camp that interest them. The training program includes regular hours devoted to workshops, plus actual experience working with children under the supervision of camp staff. Once the completed application is submitted you will be contacted for an in person or Skype interview. Please submit this application at the same time as your registration for the program. Placements will occur beginning January 2019. If you have questions about the process, please contact us at or call 800-447-4475, ext 4004. If you need more space to write anything, you may attach a word document to the bottom of the application. You may also attach copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, etc. if you wish.


(First and Last)

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If yes, please make sure the number above is a cell phone number.

(as of June 1)

Your resume and cover letter are required. Your cover letter gives you an opportunity to express your interest in working with us this summer. You may also use this section to upload any other documentation (certificates, letters of rec, etc.) if you'd like.

WITs Only: Please answer the following questions in your cover letter:

1. Which horse programs have you participated in at Skylark Ranch?

2. Please list any other horse programs you have attended at other camps or with other groups/organizations

3. Describe the skills you learned or gained from these programs.

4. Do you currently take lessons?

5. What styles of riding do you participate in?

6. Please describe your interest in working with younger children and horses

7. Think about a positive riding instructor you have had. What qualities did this instructor have and which qualities do you wish to emulate?

8. If you have any photos of you riding or a video of your riding, please attach those files here so we may review them with your application!

My electronic signature acknowledges that the statements made within this application are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true.

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