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Announcement! URGENT masters are no longer accommodated. Your understanding is appreciated.

Please complete this form to begin the booking process. You will receive an invoice based on the information you provide here. You accuracy will help us accept and schedule your booking.

Your project will typically be mastered on the day reflected on your invoice below the Booking ID. Please allow for an extra day for unexpected delays. View the cancellation policy and terms and conditions at

(in the notes section at the end, please give me as much information about your project as possible - especially things like song title/artist name and ISRC codes if there are any. If your project is an album or EP, please also supply the album/EP title, thanks!)

Person or Company Name (this will appear on the invoice).

What is the name of the contact person?

How many main tracks will you send?

**How many backing tracks will you send?

**How many instrumentals will you send?

**How many radio edits will you send?

How many Mastered for iTunes versions do you require, if any? (R80 per MFiT master).
MFiT is a modified version of the main album master - optimized for optimal results on the iTunes platform. Kelsey Mastering is a certified MFiT provider.

Please list the artist-name and track-title you're sending for mastering.

Also add any specific comments for the project.

By submitting this form you accept Kelsey Mastering terms and conditions. View the cancellation policy and terms and conditions at

Note: If you send BT/Instrumentals/Radio-Edits together with the main tracks to be mastered in the same session using the same settings, they're billed at 10% of the main track fee, if sent later, they're billed at 50% of the track fee.

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