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By completing this form, I grant formal consent to Xact Data Discovery Inc. to access the available cloud-hosted data using the provided credentials. Xact Data Discovery will not be liable for any inadvertent changes made in the course of collecting data. The available cloud-hosted data is to be used strictly in connection with the present matter. I further understand that certain account settings may need to be updated to allow Xact Data Discovery's forensic tools and protocols necessary access.

You may contact us with any questions via email at xforensics@XactDataDiscovery.com.

This should be the number associated with your account if possible

Please enter the 5-digit XDD project ID. If you don't have one, please enter the case name or your company's name.

Please note the account type(s) here, such as GMAIL, iCloud, Hotmail, etc...

Please enter the full username or email address to access the cloud-hosted account.

If you have enabled 2-factor authentication, there is normally an access code sent to you via email or a text message that XDD will need to access your account.
You may turn it off temporarily and re-enable afterwards.

If 2-factor is enabled, or additional security measures are in place, XDD may need to contact you to obtain additional information such as an access code. Please be sure to add a contact number above.

The following fields are for corporate/enterprise account information only.

If you have a form, a document that contains the requested information, or additional attachments, please upload it here.

Please enter additional information here. This could include relevant folder names or special instructions.

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